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Dandy Uses of Dandelion

You’ve heard of turning lemons into lemonade, what about turning a lawn weed into a side dish or beverage? When it comes to the dandelion, you can do just that.

A Safe & Natural Treatment Solution

For short term conditions that come on quickly such as ear infections, bee stings or the common cold to chronic conditions such as arthritis or insomnia, homeopathic medicines are recommended by more than 100,000 physicians and used in 85 countries.

Foods that Protect Against Breast Cancer

Olive oil: A healthy dietary fat, olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. An analysis of cancer studies over the last 11 years found that high intake of olive oil correlated to lower odds of developing any type of cancer—including breast cancer. 

Early Musical Training May Aid Speech Development

Those piano lessons you had as a kid can pay off later in life. Researchers have found the strongest evidence yet that musical training in youth can help prevent declines in the ability to comprehend speech. 

Healing Spices: Protect Health Year-round

Powerful plant compounds in these seasonings help fight cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, while working to relieve pain and the discomforts associated with seasonal bouts of colds and flu. That’s why you’ll find many of your favorite seasonings on the supplement shelf—and even in your favorite personal care products.

Supplements for Fresher Ageless Skin

If you’re noticing a few unwelcome changes in the mirror—such as crow’s feet, laugh lines, and dry, rough skin—then it might be time to check out three supplements that have the research to prove they could help you defy your age.


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